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Guest Post by Hugo Dos Santos. When I was a child growing up in Lisbon, my grandparents lived down the street in a small, one-bedroom apartment. That street, Calçada de Sant’ana, is on one of the city’s steepest hills, its cobblestones forever missing or uneven. It is a winding street, but for a good stretch it’s a straight shot of the shoulder-to-shoulder buildings typical of […]

Guest Post by Eleni N. Gage. I’ve looked at cakes from both sides now. When I was young, I never needed anyone. And eating cake was just for fun. But then, at age 27, I moved to the tiny, mountaintop village in Greece where my father was born to oversee the rebuilding of my grandparents’ house, which had fallen into ruin after the Greek Civil […]

Guest Post by Murwarid Abdiani.  My parents, like all Afghans I knew, were spontaneous social animals. They’d wake on a Saturday morning, decide that the house had been much too quiet during the workweek, and then call everyone they knew to invite them over for an evening of bacchanalian merriment. On these occasions, my frenzied family came together to work like a well-oiled machine—everyone playing […]

Guest Post by Nayomi Munaweera. Sri Lankan cuisine is a rich and complex blend of flavors. It consists of rice or another staple—hoppers, pittu or string hoppers—served with a minimum of five curries. I describe it as a marriage between Ethiopian and Thai. Of course, some South Indian dishes are similar, but what most Americans think of as “Indian” is North Indian and in my […]

Morsels Of Memory

February 10 , 2015 by Kristin Vukovic - in My Madeleine

Guest Post by Kimberley Lovato. When I think of my grandma, one thing comes to mind—chocolate chip cookies. Whether I was visiting her during school breaks or she was making them on Christmas Eve so I could leave them for Santa, her chocolate chip cookies speckle my childhood memories like Barbie dolls and roller skates. I haven’t outgrown them either, just as my grandma, now […]

It’s only fitting that the first One Moveable Feast post pays tribute to my Croatian grandmother, Anna. She inspired me through her cooking to explore our Croatian roots, and had she been alive during my undergraduate years, I would have been able to converse with her in the language—albeit with a limited vocabulary and poor grammar! My first published essay, “Paprenjak,” appeared in Connecticut Review […]

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