Morsels Of Memory

February 10 , 2015 by Kristin Vukovic - in My Madeleine

Guest Post by Kimberley Lovato. When I think of my grandma, one thing comes to mind—chocolate chip cookies. Whether I was visiting her during school breaks or she was making them on Christmas Eve so I could leave them for Santa, her chocolate chip cookies speckle my childhood memories like Barbie dolls and roller skates. I haven’t outgrown them either, just as my grandma, now […]

Prova means “to try” in Italian. It also refers to the period of time it takes for dough to rise. The double meaning is appropriate for Chelsea’s new pizza haven, which occupies a spot on Eighth Avenue where two restaurants in the past two years have failed. “The third time is the charm,” says Francesco Settanni, refilling my wine glass. He winks. “We’re trying.” New […]

“When I was little, I was not a great eater,” said Massimo Bebber, Executive Chef at Sirio Ristorante in The Pierre Hotel in New York City. “I was really picky—plain pasta, plain chicken meat, nothing else.” When he was 6 or 7, his grandmother placed a huge plate of osso buco in front of him. “I looked at her, like, ‘Me? You think I’m going to eat […]

“How many?” my mother-in-law, Punna, asks, arching her eyebrow. She holds up a few chilies, the amount she had planned to put in. I say, “I can handle the heat. Growing up in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, I never imagined I’d be standing in a kitchen in India discussing how many chilies to put into the tadka, a base for dal made of onions, […]

It’s only fitting that the first One Moveable Feast post pays tribute to my Croatian grandmother, Anna. She inspired me through her cooking to explore our Croatian roots, and had she been alive during my undergraduate years, I would have been able to converse with her in the language—albeit with a limited vocabulary and poor grammar! My first published essay, “Paprenjak,” appeared in Connecticut Review […]

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