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Roni Mazumdar (of MasalaWala) and wife Sreoshy Banerjea. The 4th annual New York Travel Festival, taking place in Brooklyn from April 14-17, offers a range of travel-focused experiences—from panel sessions to workshops to culinary adventures. Today, “Real Chefs in Action” featured cooking demonstrations from New York vendors. Chicks To Go, a Peruvian rotisserie (Rockaway Beach, NY), served a salmon and shrimp ceviche with Peruvian corn. […]

After arriving home from a recent trip to India, my husband said he’d like to cook Valentine’s Day dinner for me. Sweet, I thought, excited that he’d be chef de cuisine for a night. He had traveled to India to help his mom move from Bangalore to Goa, so I assumed my surprise meal would be a delicious Goan curry. Coincidentally, I’d attended an event […]

“How many?” my mother-in-law, Punna, asks, arching her eyebrow. She holds up a few chilies, the amount she had planned to put in. I say, “I can handle the heat. Growing up in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, I never imagined I’d be standing in a kitchen in India discussing how many chilies to put into the tadka, a base for dal made of onions, […]

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